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Some messages are communicated without words.  Read More…

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We have been amazed to run into an impressive array of colorful vending machines selling all sorts of things: hodgepodge, noodles, miso soup, corn soup, red bean soup with rice cakes — you name it.  Sounds good especially in winter?   Perhaps a quick and cheap lunch option for some.

Speaking of quick and cheap lunch…  Tokyo is filled with fancy restaurants, but there seems to be no need to spend that much money when one can buy “obento” (as shown here) for less than 400 yen.

Seeing these goodies at a grocery store reminds me that we will be celebrating the New Year’s Day (the biggest holiday here) soon.   (But Daniel was dismayed to discover that Christmas Day is just another school day in Japan.)

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Visiting “Shitamachi”

Despite the daily grind, I carve out time for our weekend family outings.  We’re perpetual travelers navigating the unfamiliar world …. and having lots of fun along the way. 

Our new home is in an admittedly snobbish part of Tokyo.  That’s why we find it refreshing to venture out to more down-to-earth places, like we did this last Sunday: we visited a train museum.  Here are some photos, not from the museum itself but from the surrounding community:

The last one is from a pawn shop.  I have chosen this photo, thinking that it might make some Japanese readers feel nostalgic.  (Remember the “Pink Lady,” anyone?)

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On Our Way to the Violin Teacher’s House

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Daniel, an Avid Reader

I have encouraged Daniel to keep writing his journals in English while in Japan.  Here is an entry on his passion for books: Read More…

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Speaking of which …..

This is “Hello Kitty Land” in my little girls’ words (officially “Sanrio Puro Land” ), which I wrote in my last entry.  Yes, my boy endured it all day.   For more photos, visit Sayaka’s Pink Room

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“Wow  —- what an excellent opportunity, especially for your children!  They will have wonderful experiences.”  So they say.  Read More…

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Northward …By Bullet Train

Wasn’t the shinkansen (bullet train) a lot of fun, Daniel?

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Washington, D.C.: Japanese Version

LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) Headquarters

Tokyo Metro Nagatacho Station: This is where it begins.

Prime Minister’s Residence

National Diet Building

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Daniel writes about his first pets in Japan

(Written on 8/29/09)

Today we are going to a Japanese festival.  Read More…

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