Posted by: skyward | July 26, 2010

My Favorite Japanese Game: “Dorokei” (by Daniel)

In Japan, there are a lot of ways to play.   First, I will introduce a game that we do not have in America.

My favorite game is called dorokei.  In dorokei, there are two teams.  One team hides a ball, and the other team picks a base.  After the game starts, the team with the base tries to find the ball while the other team tries to catch the other team’s members by holding on to them for ten seconds.  If all of the people get caught, they lose.  If the treasure is found, they win.  I liked dorokei because you have to use a strategy: to look for the ball without being seen.  I played this game almost every day.  About 50 people played.  It took a lot of time, separating everybody into two groups.



  1. Cool game, you should share it with kids that don’t know about it.

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