Posted by: skyward | July 5, 2010

Good Friend (by Daniel)

When I first went to school in Japan, I was very nervous.  After I introduced myself in front of the whole school, I saw the third grade classroom.  I was given a desk in the front row.  After I became acquainted with everybody, there was an earthquake drill.  After that, school was over. 

On the second day, I made friends with a boy named Yoichiro.  I was glad I made friends with him because he told me all about the school.  Yoichiro and I usually played at recess by riding on each other’s back.  We have also gone to a place called Kidzania together.  It is a place where you can experiment with all kinds of jobs such as a police officer, a photographer, a firefighter, and a dentist.  Yoichiro taught me many Japanese games such as “dorokei” –it is a game where thieves try to steal treasures while police officers try to tag the thieves.  I wish I could take Yoichiro back from Japan because he is a very, very good friend.


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