Posted by: skyward | July 2, 2010

Unmistakable Signs of a Glorious Season

A cafeteria’s sign proclaiming, “We are now serving reimen (cold noodles).”

Children carrying “pool bags” for their swimming lessons at school.  (Yes, American readers, virtually all Japanese schools have their own swimming pools.  My kids’ school has a large indoor pool open to the public as well.  Their swimming lessons began in early May, replete with a solemn “opening ceremony.”)

Oh, and those hydrangeas, and their deepened colors.  Here in the heart of Tokyo, they are everywhere, but I especially admire the purple ones by the nearby Chidorigahuchi moat surrounding the Imperial Palace.  As I take a stroll in the morning, I make it a rule to stop by, savor them, and take photos capturing the short-lived glory.

I see, feel, and smell the new season everywhere.


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