Posted by: skyward | December 25, 2009

Looking Back

“Life in Japan is hard,” Daniel once scribbled.

These unspoken words, which I came across in my boy’s journal, forced me to ponder.  I reflected on our journey, standing in the midst of our new home surrounded by office buildings in the Tokyo metropolitan center.

On an August morning, we hopped on a plane, sailing into uncharted waters.  Since then, Daniel and his sister have carved out new lives in the unfamiliar  –and often exotic–  world. 

Yes, Daniel, there are kanji (Chinese characters) drills and tests, lengthy commutes, packed trains, and the seemingly endless stairs at train stations, chain smokers in family restaurants ….  The list goes on.

But think of all the places we would have never visited, and all the people we would have never met. Think of all the rich experiences we would have missed.  And believe me, I’m referring to more — in fact much more — than Tokyo Disneyland, where we hopped on the “It’s a Small World” boat a dozen times (or so it seems), or the bunch of six-graders with girlish giggles, who mercilessly chase after you at the community center.

Looking back years later, you will recall these days fondly (and gratefully, I hope.)


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