Posted by: skyward | December 21, 2009


“Only Store in the Nation Where You Can Get Peko-chan Yaki” (below.)


My little girl and I love Peko-chan. (For details, visit Sayaka’s Pink Room,  Our beloved Peco-chan is a six-year-old mascot (though she was actually “born” in the 1950s) for Fujiya, a major confectionary.  (Daniel hates to admit, but he secretly fell in love with this yummy treat.) 

“Peco-chan yaki” is a bun stuffed with custard cream, chocolate, read bean paste, etc.  We bought ten of them, and shared with friends.

Super-Jumbo Potsticker: 9,600 yen.  Want to try, anyone?  (I guess I’ll pass.)  We ran into this restaurant near the Peco-chan store, and cannot resist taking the photo.

At a pachinko (Japanese pinball) parlor, also near the Peo-chan store.


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