Posted by: skyward | December 12, 2009

Rules, Rules, Rules

The indoor shoes (to which students switch in the school’s entrance hall) must be whitish.

One should not use an eraser with a picture.

The student’s body temperature must be taken, recorded, and submitted every morning.

The list seems virtually endless.  Daniel asks: If so many meaningless rules exist, why don’t they have a rule against smoking in public places?

Our thoughts turn to that August afternoon, when we, still newcomers, found ourselves surrounded by heavy smokers at a restaurant advertising itself as family-oriented.  Or, to last Saturday, when we were having lunch at a Chinese restaurant, taking a break from our exploration of a railroad museum, and a man who later came in and sat close to us asked for an ashtray matter-of-factly.  (By then, we were hardly surprised that one was placed on his table immediately.)

Rules, rules, rules.     I echo your sentiment, Daniel.


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