Posted by: skyward | December 4, 2009

Daniel, an Avid Reader

I have encouraged Daniel to keep writing his journals in English while in Japan.  Here is an entry on his passion for books:

I love reading.  I read and read and read more.  I learned many things by reading. 

When I read a book on the Wright Brothers and how they built their plane, I learned that it was much harder than it seems.  When they learned that Leonard De Vinci’s air pressure tables were wrong, they even had to come up with their own pair of air pressure tables!  I don’t even know the relation between air pressure and planes.  But I am glad they never gave up.  If they gave up, we would not be here. 

When people learn things, they write it down.  Then people add to it, and other people add more, and then when it has built up, someone makes something out of it.  The Wright Brothers read books and did it.  That is why reading is important.  I am glad I can read because millions of people can’t.


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