Posted by: skyward | December 2, 2009

Daniel writes about his first pets in Japan

(Written on 8/29/09)

Today we are going to a Japanese festival.  There will be lots of games.  I am excited about the kingyo sukui.  It is where you take a net and grab a gold-fish out of the water.  Then they will give us a plastic bag with water inside and we will put the gold-fish in the bag and take it home! 

I am excited because my violin teacher has fish, and some of them are gold-fish.  I think gold-fish are cute.

Today we got real live fish!  Real live fish!  We got them from the kingyo sukui.  Here are their names: Pumkin, Pinkie, and Blackie.  Blackie has big eyeballs that stick out.  He is black.  He has some shiny scales on his tummy.  Pinkie is gold and chubby.  It is because she gobbles up her food very quickly.  Pumkin is red and white.  Half of her tail and her whole mouth is white.  Her lips are red.  She looks like she is going to a fashion show.


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