Posted by: skyward | May 4, 2009

Music under a Flawless Sky

Daniel has joined an orchestra –he loves it! 

After all, that’s one of the many things we find fascinating about the violin: the joy of creating harmony as part of a group.  Here is one of the three pieces Daniel’s orchestra will perform at an upcoming concert.  Click “Listen” and enjoy the lively, down-to-earth Mozart music, which will make you want to dance. 

Another thing we love about the violin: Unlike the piano, it’s portable.   When the weather is nice, especially during the summer, we try to practice outdoors as often as we can and savor the moments under a flawless sky.  The other day I had Daniel practice (not too easily, I must add) while we were watching his sister’s T-ball practice with her school buddies.  Yes, he initially complained, even bitterly; he also made silly mistakes, unable to concentrate for a long time.  But once he got going, he seemed to enjoy his first outdoor practice in months, after a seemingly endless winter.  My boy had a huge grin especially when spectators –perfect strangers– applauded, and one of them exclaimed, “You can always come to my house and play!”  

Keep going, Daniel.


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