Posted by: skyward | March 9, 2009

The Blend of the Two Worlds

This is a piece I published while Daniel was still a preschooler and his sister was a baby (which seems so far away).   It depicts my commitment to raising bilingual and bicultural children. 

Looking back several years later, I can say, confidently and smilingly, that it has been well worth the effort (though I hasten to add that our endeavor will continue.)    My children receive a dual education through American and Japanese schools, and seem to thrive in both linguistic and cultural environments.  They have come to embrace their unique background quite naturally.  Twinkies and seaweed-covered rice balls   —- the blend of the two worlds they inhabit resonates through their lives.

P.S.  Daniel, it’s about time for you to work on another post, one way of displaying your bilingual skills!


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