Posted by: skyward | November 6, 2008

He’s Just an American, Period?

Call Barack Obama an “African-American” once more, and I will scream.   Proclaims one blogger.

Why isn’t he simply called an “American” instead?   She asks, expressing frustration at the election outcome.

Perhpas Obama himself aches to be called “just an American, period.”   But how can we avert our eyes from the persisting reality: too many Americans judge others by the color of their skin.  Note my prior post referring to a newspaper article that vividly illustrates surprisingly many  voters who disdain Obama precisely because he’s an “African-American.”  Some even go on to say he’s “not a full-fledged American.”

 It is our society that fails to acknowledge and embrace someone like Obama as an official member of the national community.

If Hillary Clinton were the president-elect, she would be called, again and again, the nation’s first woman president  — no matter how she resists to be defined by her gender.

Of course, it’s not merely race or gender.   People judge others by too many superficial –and immutable (one of lawyers’ favorite words) — traits, which bear no relation to the individual worth (or “the content of their character” in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)    —– perhaps physical disability, perhaps age.

Sorry, lady, we have a painfully long way to go before we can honestly and wholeheartedly say, “Yes, we live in a color-blind nation.  Let’s do away with the hyphenated American.”


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