Posted by: skyward | September 17, 2008

New Sport! —written by (bilingual) Daniel

There is a new sport called paragliding. 

A paraglider is like a parachute, but instead of just going down, it glides.  It can stay in the air longer than a parachute!  I saw someone paragliding.  It looked like he or she had jumped off a mountain.  When I get bigger, I want to try it because it looks fun! I bet it’s a way to start flying before I take flying lessons.

あたらしいスポーツが あります。

それは パラグラインディグです。 それは パラシュートをするのに にています。

でも グライドします。そしてパラシュートより ながく空を とべます。

ぼくは パラグライディングを している人を 見ました。

タイガーマウンテンから ジャンプをしたらしいです。 

ぼくが 大きくなったら やってみたいです。 とても 楽しそうだからです。

P.S. (by Mother)  Here, Daniel wrote in his two mother tongues.  He has recently expressed his keen desire to flee America if his newly found hero, Obama, loses.  (This sentiment must be shared by many, Daniel.)  Where would you go?  I asked.  After a moment of pause, my son, a dual citizen, gave me a seemingly reasonable answer: to Japan.  He even wishes to enroll in a Japanese school.  Unfortunately, Daniel, you have a long way to go.  You must work harder on reading and writing in Japanese, especially kanji (Chinese characters).  For now, let’s just hope that you will shout for joy on that big day in November —and that you will happily remain in a better (yes, we hope) America.

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  1. Daniel, if you do try paragliding I hope you still take lessons for it! If you have a problem 1000 feet in the air you better know how to handle it. I love your passion.

  2. Clair:

    Yes, I will take lessons!
    Thank you.


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