Posted by: skyward | September 9, 2008

Obama! Obama! Obama! (#2)

There exist seemingly countless political blogs.  This, of course, isn’t one of them.

Yes, this is a mother-and-son blog, and between Daniel and me, politics does remain (not necessarily by my own choice) one of the hottest topics. 

When I picked up Daniel at school this afternoon, he was apparently feeling sick.  He remained unusually quiet in the car, but it was simply a matter of time before his passion returned.  He started to discuss “McCain’s running mate” (my son never remembers her name), and vowed to help his hero, Barack Obama, win.  But how?  I asked.  Well, can I participate in his campaign?  Can I e-mail him?   Daniel kept asking. 

That’s fine, Daniel, but as a second grader, your most important job is to do your homework (and to practice the violin ——- though I wisely refrained from mentioning the “v” word, which can trigger intense reaction.)

Now, with both kids snoring peacefully in bed, I’m beginning to savor the quiet and read the most recent issue of Newsweek, largely devoted to “McCain’s running mate.”  (But I still need to assemble Daniel’s “obento”  —- Japanese-style lunch —- for tomorrow.) 

 In my prior entries, I’ve briefly explored (or at least, suggested) how race and gender can be entangled with politics in America; but especially for someone like myself, who arrived in the U.S. as an adult, even more notable —- and surprising —- is how religion can be so intimately entangled with politics.  And the fact that the sharp divide between “(self-proclaimed) liberals” and “(also self-proclaimed) conservatives” remains.  (But how do you adequately define “liberals” and “conservatives” in the first place?  People have conveniently,  some tactically, clung to their own meanings.) 

The U.S. is a complex nation with an overwhelmingly broad range of values and lifestyles —- a reality inescapably reflected in the presidential election.

My reading time is up.  Time to put down the magazine and return to the kitchen.  Talk about a mother’s short-lived freedom.  But here’s an interesting quote I’ve just found: “[S]ocial conservatives …. stare down teenage pregnancy and replace their pursed-lip accusations of promiscuity with hosannas about choosing life.”  I wish I could read more, but instead of pondering politics, I must decide what side dish(es) to choose. 

Sweet dreams, Daniel.  I hope you will feel better in the morning.


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