Posted by: skyward | September 6, 2008

Obama! Obama! Obama!

Sarah Palin.  What can I say (sigh…..)?   

“Don’t you think we made the right choice?”   McCain may have triumphantly posed this question in St. Paul.

If my Democrat (?) son had found himself in the crowd, he would have stood up and shouted “No!” , admist the delegates roaring their approval. 

The presidential election has given my co-blogger and me an opportunity to discuss politics in many ways.  Daniel’s grasp of issues, of course, remains limited.  (What do you expect from a second grader? ) He persistently asserts, for instance, that welcoming America’s first black president would benefit the nation.  I ask him.  Hillary could have been the first woman president, and you didn’t think that would have been just as great, even greater?    Daniel ponders momentarily, and mumbles: No, having a black president would be more important.  I ask why.  Incapable of providing a clear answer, he simply repeats: I just think so.

That’s OK, Daniel.  In the legal arena, racial discrimination generally triggers more rigorous scrutiny than gender discrimination.   I recall an intense debate from my constitutional law class in my second year of law school.  (Oh, the Equal Protection Clause!)  On a more personal level, I have recently completed an article, for my newly launched newspaper column, exploring race as the driving force behind Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, a federal anti-discrimination statute.  Enough lawyer talk.  (Getting too dull, isn’t it?)

I’m glad to observe your growing intellectual curiosity, Daniel.  I wouldn’t cheer for the hockey mom (and avid hunter……) from Alaska myself.  But at least, I was nice enough to defend her, pointing out that she had been a beauty queen (really) when you so eloquently expressed your disdain of her looks.

Check this out, too.


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