Posted by: skyward | August 28, 2008

Lindbergh and Phelps (written by Daniel)

Probably thousands of people know about Charles Lindbergh and Micheal Phelps. 

They both seem to never give up hope.  For an example, Lindbergh never gave up even though he was behind in the race across the Atlantic Ocean.  Phelps tried to win 8 gold medals in one Olympic game, and he did.  Both Phelps and Lindbergh tried hard and succeeded. 

Once I read this article that a six-grader wrote.  When she was about 4, she tried to climb a cement tube in the school playground.  She kept trying, and she got to the top, which is something I tried to do but gave up.

If you try hard, you could do almost anything.  I want to be like Lindbergh and Phelps.


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