Posted by: skyward | August 19, 2008

True Story of Courage and Triumph

Charles and Anne Lindbergh

Charles and Anne Lindbergh

I read yet another article depicting women who had “grown up” with their girlhood heroine, Anne Shirley. 

Of course, I mean Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables.  I, too, read the book in elementary school.  And yes, I found it touching and inspiring, just like Little Women, another all-time favorite.  But (excuse me, ladies), I can’t help but feeling a bit cynical when so many women (including prominent feminist authors in Japan) speak passionately and eloquently about the red-haired girl, even calling the book their “bible”.  It goes without saying that Anne is a charming, smart, and resilient character.  But her story failed to impact my life that profoundly.

The Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh’s memoir exploring his own conquest of the air, remains one of the most memorable books from my childhood (though I wouldn’t call it a bible!)  First and foremost, it is a true story of an obscure, twenty-five-year-old airmail pilot whose fierce determination and tireless work ultimately transformed the world’s aviation history. 

Once a journalist (if I may say so myself; I used to work as a reporter for a community newspaper), I tend to find non-fiction far more interesting than fiction.  (My boy wholeheartedly agrees, and even begs me to emphasize that point.)

“Replete with the engine’s roar, the vast expanse of water, a radiant sky, a rich chorus of voices, Lindbergh’s story of courage and triumph resonates powerfully for us, propelling us to new heights.”  (Cited from my essay, Soaring Skyward with Daniel, in my first blog entry titled “Captured by the Spirit.”)

Oh well, perhaps I have a “boyish” taste.  It’s a good thing that at least one child of mine shares my love of aviation.


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