Posted by: skyward | August 9, 2008


I’ve just bought this book (used; $4).  Titled “Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead,” it’s a collection of diaries and letters (1929-1932).  I was overjoyed when I saw it displayed.

The author is Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  In Japan, she long remained the “nameless” author of “Umi-no Okurimono” (Gift from the Sea), known merely as “Lindbergh-fujin” (“Mrs. Lindbergh” in Japanese.)  

Yes, she was a gifted and devoted writer.  One heartwarming episode I recall from a memoir by Reeve, Lindbergh’s youngest daughter: After Anne retreated to her “writing room” to work on a book project, Charles would tell their young children trying to chase their mother, “You must leave her alone.  She needs to write.  Your mother is a great writer.” 

But how many people (especially in Japan) recognize her as an accomplished aviator herself?  In 1930, for instance, Anne Morrow Lindbergh became the first American woman to earn a first-class glider pilot’s license.  Accompanying her husband on his survey flights, she, too, explored the far reaches of the sky.



  1. Anne Lindbergh is an excellent writer.
    Gift from the Sea is my favorite.
    I haven’t had the chance to read “Hours of Gold….”; be sure to let us know what you think.
    Have a great summer.

  2. The book is a nice addition to my “Lindbergh Library”.
    Love, Daniel

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