Posted by: skyward | August 5, 2008

Lindbergh Project (#2)

(Continues from the last entry: ) I admit I rarely, if ever, miss law school.  Yet, from time to time, I do look back nostalgically on the endless (or so I thought) hours I spent at the library, mostly conducting research for my law review articles. 

It goes without saying that the Internet has made the researching process considerably faster and easier for all of us —even (or especially?) children.  Nonetheless, I continue to derive joy from frequent trips to libraries.  So, to find historical writings exploring Lindbergh’s legendary transatlatic flight, I took Daniel to a university library.  On a sunny July weekend, we found the library nearly empty –a tranquil haven.  In other words, the mother-and-son team found an ideal setting for working on their project.  With a librarian’s help, we were able to retrieve numerous NY Times and LA Times articles published  immediately after Lindbergh’s flight.  Moreover, we were delighted to discover a detailed report on Charles and Anne Lindbergh’s visit to Japan in the 1920s, filled with eye-catching photos.  (There he is, standing taller than anyone else, surrounded by a team of kimono-clad “Kabuki” –traditional Japanese play– actors. ) 

Daniel and I are looking forward to making another trip to the library before the end of the summer.


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