Posted by: skyward | August 2, 2008

Lindbergh Project (#1)


As my seven-year-old and I embarked on our blog project for the summer, we reflected on our endeavor from last summer.  Daniel had authored (I like this verb!) a book entitled Lindbergh’s Adventure.  It turned into a painfully slow (at times) but intellectually stimulating and memorable project that not only helped Daniel improve his research and writing skills but also  –perhaps more importantly– helped the mother-and-son team bond with each other.  We affectionately called it “Lindbergh Project”. 

Well, this summer, we once again chose to pursue our passion for Lindbergh and aviation, though in a different format.  Daniel and I were intrigued with the idea of launching a blog and reaching out to a broader audience through the Internet.  (My prior post elaborates on this.)  Also, we wanted to take a somewhat different approach to our research this time.  Last year, virtually all the books and articles we read about Lindbergh had been written, more or less, from a contemporary perspective; but actually the two of us were  becoming more interested in reading articles published around that historical day in May, 1927, when the aviator flew triumphantly into the glow of lights in Paris.   (Continues…)


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