Posted by: skyward | July 31, 2008

Late Summer Blues/Girldhood Memories

Late summer?  Some Japanese readers may laugh.  After all, their summer break (which lasts only forty days) has just begun.  (And don’t forget homework –not only in main subjects such as math and language arts, but also in art, home ec, etc.  For my seventh grade home ec homework, I made pudding, etc. and crafted a painstakingly datailed and graphic report depicting that endeavor.) 

Yet, here in the U.S. (especially where we live), we feel the end of the summer in the air already.  So keenly at times. The arrival of August makes me both sad and nostalgic.  It brings me back the sights and smells of my childhood landscape, replete with the excitment that seized me as I strolled in a nearby shrine that temporarily turned into an amusement park with a bunch of booths selling cotton candy, barbecued corn, etc. –or the sweetness of the water my teammates and I savored after our tennis practice (which not only included tennis itself but also very careful use of honorific expressions as we addressed our “senpai” –seniors, even if they are merely a year older.) 

Summer days seemed and felt endless.  Just like life itself, perhaps.  In my youth, I never dreamed that I would one day grow into an adult, taking a commuter bus in a suit, chopping veggies for supper, or telling kids to stop fighting (like right now; “Hey, stop that, for once!”  Sibling flights have been driving me nuts.)  Somehow I imagined that adulthood belonged to other people’s spheres, not mine. 

Looking back years later, I almost groan.  What an arrogant youth, genuinely believing that she would be “different” from others, that she would forever remain “young”, exploring life more intensely, purposefully, and passionately than anyone else.  After all, every story comes to its end; so is summer, so is life, so is parenthood.  Homework is gone; so is something else.  Over the years, I have gained –and lost– many things. 

(I guess I should log off, return to the kitchen, and start chopping veggies.)

Well, I can still live passionately.  I’m trying to.



  1. Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer so far.
    Looking forward to reading more, Daniel.

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