Posted by: skyward | July 29, 2008

Interviews (#2)

The mother-and-son team interview each other.

Kiyoko: What’s your favorite subject at school, Daniel?

Daniel: Technology.  Every once in a while, we make things like slide shows [in Technology class].  I did mine on salmon; I put salmon’s pictures, and one of them has a salmon bigger than a human.

K: Which language do you find easier, English or Japanese?

D: English.  Because Japanese has a lot more letters than English. 

K: I know you love books.  What are you reading right now?

D: Summer of Sea Serpent by Mary Pope Osborne. 

K: Are you reading in Japanese as well?

D: I’m reading Sherlock Holmes. 

K: Are you really?  Isn’t it too hard for you?

D: No way!

K: If you were a pilot, where would you fly to?

D: I’d fly from New York to Rome.

K: OK, we can swtich.  Now it’s your turn to interview me.  Go ahead, Daniel.

D: What’s your favorite book?

K: That’s an easy question.  The Spirit of St. Louis.  (But as a fifth grader, I read the Japanese version.)

D: What do you like best about Lindbergh?

K: I have admiration for people who pursue their passion wholeheartedly.  Also, I think it’s simply amazing that he chose to fly solo across the Atlantic while all his competitors were flying as teams.  Well, I like this expression: The aviator embraced solitude.  In Japanese, we have only one word, “kodoku”, for both solitude and loneliness; but in fact, the two are different.  One can experience solitude without feeling lonely.  Solitude, it seems to me, remains a perennial theme in our life.  I respect those who know how to embrace (not necessarily “endure”) solitude.

D: If you were a pilot, where would you fly to?

K: Somewhere in Europe, maybe.

D: When you were a child, were you interested in aviation?

K: Though I was captivated by The Spirit of St. Louis in elementary school, I wasn’t so interested in aviation itself.  I guess I’m a lot more interested now, because I’ve been reading and talking so much about it with you, Daniel. (It’s been fun, right?)

D: What’s your favorite color?

K: Black.

D: What’s your favorite animal? 

K: Sheep.


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